Book 7 "WING-MAN"

*It's Spring Break, Mia Cho and Gordon McKenna almost finished with their flying lessons are ready to solo. However, while teasing each other during a landing their instructor postpones issuing their pilot's license. Disappointed, Gordon is distracted by the long awaited arrival of his cousin Patrick, while Mia hopes no one asks about her flying. Tension develops around town when two men, one shift supervisor at a foreign owned uranium mine and a local park ranger go missing twenty-four hours apart. With only suspicions and few clues the kids meet to connect some dots for the sheriff. But when one of their own disappears too, the young sleuths do what they do best - form a plan and then go into action with a dangerous strategy that truly tests their teamwork... [eBook copy $1.00] CHAPTER 1 Gathering Shadows…   Patrick, congrats on passing your final exams. Hope you have a smooth flight tomorrow – can’t wait for you to meet my friends and them to mee